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Qiu Weiping
Mr. Qiu co-founded the Guangdong Jundao Law Firm in 2003 and served as chair of its Management Board and chief lawyer. As early as in the 1990s, Mr. Deng started to offer legal advice on overseas listing. For more than ten years, he advised on the overseas listing of red-chip companies, including more than 70 in Hong Kong. He has also advised on post-listing restructuring and M&A for more than 50 ...
Ye Diqian
Mr. Ye, a chartered member of the Accountants in England and Wales and the Hong Kong Society of Accountants, once worked in ‘Big Four’ international accounting firms, international financing companies, and listed companies based in Hong Kong, the U.K. and the U.S. He has been in accounting and finance for over 15 years.
Deng Ziji
Mr. Deng is a renowned Chinese economist, financial expert, and educationist, and also one of the founding fathers of China’s public finance. He currently serves in the following capacities:   honorary director of the Institute of Fiscal Science at Xiamen University and the Chinese Institute of Taxation; advisor for Chinese Finance Society, China International Tax Institute, and China Asset Ma...
Jin Yanshi
Mr. Jin graduated from Nankai University in 1989 with a Ph.D. degree in International Economics and was a Soros Foundation scholar at Harvard University between 1987 and 1989. ● 1990: Started his career in the American securities industry; ● 2004-2005: Appointed by the Finance Committee of the National People’s Congress as an expert under the World Bank’s Technical Assistance Program for revis...
Yang Sunxi
Mr. Yang currently serves or has once served in the following capacities: ● Chairman of Hong Kong International Group ● A standing member of the National CPPCC ● A member of the first chief executive team and economic team of the Preparatory Committee of Hong Kong SAR; ●Adviser on Hong Kong affairs for the Hong Kong and Macau Office of the State Council and the Hong Kong Branch of Xinhua News ...