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Inmagene biopharmaceuticals completed $21 million round B financing
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On November 9, 2020, Shanghai, China - inmagene biopharmaceuticals (hereinafter referred to as "chuangxiang") today announced the completion of a US $21 million round of B financing, led by vertex ventures China, and co invested by panacea venture, Kunlun capital and Zhongnan venture capital. At present, chuangxiang has successfully raised more than 40 million US dollars, which will be mainly used to promote global clinical research, independent R & D and product introduction.

Chuangxiang is a leading innovative drug enterprise focusing on immune related diseases. It has an international team rooted in China, and its members have a proud performance in the field of new drug research and development. They have led teams in their respective companies to introduce more than 30 overseas products to China, led the global R & D of more than 20 successful new drugs, obtained NDA in 28 countries, and obtained ind of 6 innovative products in China and the United States, and made important contributions to the establishment of Zai lab, imab and Apollo MICs.

Chuangxiang's product pipeline is driven by "two wheels". First of all, chuangxiang introduced overseas clinical products suitable for China's national conditions into China, and jointly carried out global multi center clinical trials with overseas partners; at the same time, chuangxiang used China's efficient and low-cost resources to develop the best in class drugs with global IP, and has launched innovative drug projects targeting four targets. At present, img-020, the most advanced candidate drug for IL-17, is about to enter the global registration clinical trial for multiple indications.

Dr. Wang Jian, chairman and CEO of chuangxiang, said: "thank you very much for the strong support of vertex, panacea, Kunlun, Zhongnan and other investors! This financing will consolidate chuangxiang's leading position in the field of immune innovative drugs. "

Talking about the investment, Mr. Zheng Juncong, the managing partner of Xiangfeng investment, said: "we are very honored to participate in the investment of chuangxiang biology as the leading investor in this round. The development of drugs for immune related diseases is still a blue ocean in China. Chuangxiang has made a breakthrough in this field, and has established a strong R & D pipeline on this basis. I am very glad to be a partner with Dr. Wang Jian to accompany chuangxiang's growth. We believe that with strong innovation ability and broad international vision, enterprises will develop more products with international competitiveness in the future to meet the needs of patients. "

Source: Pharmaceutical cooperative investment and financing Alliance